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Strange limit of 10 users

Jul 13, 2011 at 1:02 PM

Hi guys, everything worked fine, but in the end no matter what kind of scenario I create with how many simulated users the result is - under VS local runs only 10 users are simulated and with controller and agents 4 per agent. I tried almost everything thinkable, but to no avail, we have vs ultimate licenses, installed virtual user licenses (more than enough) and whenever I confiugre less than 10 users to be simulated the real number correspond to the configuration, but anything over 10 results in only 10 actually simulated users, I have not tested low number of users with agents, but I suppose there will be a similar effect there.

I checked my code for any kind of direct or indirect cause of this limitation, but there is nothing like it and if you consider that this phantom limit is obviously 4 for agents and 10 for local run there is no way to miss anything that may cause something like that ;).

The services I am testing are a bit strange and I needed to almost completely rewrite the generated code (but it was extremely helpful nonetheless), anyway I'll try to share some hints what can be improved when I find the time. I am discussing this part to point out that I was over every line of the code many times for different reasons and I cannot imagine anything that can cause this mysterious behaviour.

Can anybody help? Please! :)

Jul 13, 2011 at 1:37 PM

Is this link relevant: Note that it says different limits apply on clients and servers.



Jul 13, 2011 at 3:12 PM

Hm, it is not impossible, but meanwhile the problem was resolved - I created a new .loadtest file in the project added the same tests in it and voila - no unexplained limits anymore. It looks lioke there is a setting in the .loadtest files (probably not visible in edit mode) which remained unchanged despite all my attempts to reconfigure the load tests. To help others if they experience the same - I must confess I spent quite some time attempting to change something in the .loadtest file before I decided to create a new one (which immediately solved the problem). It is a XML file, I opened it, of course, but there is nothing that looks like a possible cause for this behaviour.


Thanks robjarratt, this is interesting line of thoughts by itself and I have another issue in a different project that may be related to this one ..., but in this case it looks like something specific to the .loadtest files and how they are interpreted. I'll try to find a minute later to try to compare them and probably find the setting that causes the problem.