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Please guide me how to test the tool for wcf service if my client application is a windows application.


I have downloaded the tool and trying to work with this. I have created one wcf service. Then i create another windows application to access the service. Then i add new test project and
added new test(wcf test) under the test project.
then i added the exe file of my client application(window form in this case) to it. and run it.
Then it ask me for the assembly which contains the proxy This is where i am not clear.Should i use my client application assembly which contains the proxy or shall i use the wcf service dll .If i am adding the assembly of my client application then it is not showing the ChannelFactory object creation in the .custom.cs file .
In my case i added the assembly of my client app.
please guide me what to do after this.
Another question i wonder is without developing the client app. can we test the wcf service directly using tracing.Because in case of tracing also it is asking for the executable file or pre existing trace file.
Please guide me .