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Server too busy error


Hi I have used the wcf load tester for my service.For this i have created one windowsForm application as my client application and then used this to create the trace file for my load test. It is working fine for 10 users and 15 users in a constant load settings. As i am increasing the load to 25 then the error messages for all the test comes like System.ServiceModel.ServerTooBusyException: The HTTP service located at is too busy. ---> where is where i have hosted my wcf service.And once this occurs my client application is also not running saying the exception "server too busy exception".So in this situation what should i do . Its a major issue for me because not only i am not able to carryout the load test but also the other application (client) are not working. I am thinking to restart my server but it seems of no use as i have to deal with these cases againg for my load testing. So please help me out in this situation.