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How to vary test data in A WCFTest unit test during load test?

Jun 4, 2010 at 9:11 AM

My unit test has been created by using the Visual Studio Wizard to capture the trace file, when running the executable.

The unittest consists of loggin on the system, doing som stuff as fetching the user, customer and stuff. Then it does the real work: a few WCF calls that constitues the calls nessesary to make the computations which I want to load test.

Problem is that running this unit test with multiple users from the Load Test Scenario gives me a bunch of errors stating that the system cannot update an enity, which has alrady been updated, that I cannot use the same logon as already active and so forth.

In short, I need to vary test data during the Load Test run - different users, different customers, different products etc.

I figure that TestContext is supposed to do this in some manner, but DataRow has not been set. How am I supposed to set this? Are there any guides around to help me do this (I did google the issue, but googling "WCF Load Test TextContext" gives me no relevant hits).